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Nationwide Auto Transport, Inc., centrally located in Lincoln Nebraska, has the capability to handle shipments of any size. Whether you’re shipping an entire fleet across the country, or a single vehicle to a family member in a neighboring State, Nationwide Auto Transport and Logistics can get it done promptly and safely utilizing Nationwide Auto Transport, Inc.’s own fleet of auto transporters, or Nationwide Auto Logistics’ professional network of over 4,000 carriers across the country. Our logistics partners are held to the same high standards of experience, service, and licensing and insurance as we require of ourselves.

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The Basics of Shipping a Vehicle

Your vehicle must be operable. This makes the job of loading and unloading your vehicle on and off of the truck much easier. Inoperable vehicles can be shipped, but we need to make separate arrangements for specialized equipment to perform these services.

Please notify us in advance if any type of modification has been made to the vehicle such as a lift kit, oversize mud tires, hydraulics, ground effects, etc. We will need the exact specifications/dimensions of any altered vehicles. These modifications may result in “oversize” vehicle surcharges.

Provide Nationwide with several different methods to contact you. This is essential so that we can have the driver call ahead to ensure pick-up and delivery times and details.

Make arrangements to have someone available during pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. There are numerous documents that will need to be signed, so having someone present upon pickup is required.



Time to Walk Around Your Vehicle with the Transport Driver

You or your designated representative is required to be at the pick-up and delivery locations to sign off on all documents.

You or your designated representative is required to complete the vehicle inspection with the driver, acknowledging all damage at time of pick-up and again at time of delivery.

You or your designated representative will sign off on the bill of lading authorizing transportation of the vehicle in its documented condition.

We understand that this may be your first time having a vehicle transported. By reviewing the above tips, you will be better prepared for the experience and it will make for a smoother transaction for everyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 402-742-4000. Your total satisfaction is our number one goal.


North American Industry Classification System Codes

  • 484110: General Freight Trucking, Local 
  • 484121: General Freight Trucking, Long Distance 
  • 484220: Trucking, Specialized Freight, Local
  • 484230: Trucking, Specialized Freight, Long Distance 
  • 488510: Shipping Agents (Freight Forwarding)
  • 488999: All Other Support Services for Vehicle Transportation

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Entrust your auto transportation needs to our fully trained and qualified team. Whether you need to move a fleet to another state or just one vehicle to another city, we can handle any of your shipping requirements. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.

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